HandysVOIPHostedPBXServersHeadsetHandySmallWHY HOSTED PBX?

In the corporate, enterprise and government market place, traditional PBX telephone systems have dramatic costs associated with them. Both in terms of operating and maintenance costs. Simple changes like adding, moving or changing an extension can have substantial costs involved with outsourced maintenance contracts. Hardware support contracts only add to the overall expense. The return on investment (ROI) can take well over 5 years. Fast growing companies you can end up spending even more capital they need to expand and grow.

The world is changing rapidly and people now work from remote offices, home or at the office. Communicating between remote offices or home workers will have additional costs. The extra time taken to check personal phone bills to ensure calls are used for company matters can take time. Time is money.


By using a hosted PBX, you are free to move locations at any time. Home workers, offices in different geographic locations or even abroad all communicate and connect to the same servers at Talking Platforms. You can move the phone where you like, all you need is a high speed Broadband connection.


Hosted service means renting. Renting has substantial benefits over purchasing for most companies, especially when the shelf life of hardware is short lived and the initial investment cost is very high.

When you utilize our Hosted PBX services, you immediately reap the benefits of reduced capital expenses, lower operating costs, elimination of expensive hardware contracts while at the same time lowering operational costs associated with reduced national and international long distance calls.